Designed to provide secure monitoring capabilities in remote locations, the Standard ISO40Hq containers mounted on 45 ft rugged chassis are capable of housing all that you shall need to detect and defeat the drone threats. Packs a large genset, sufficient fuel to power the direction finders, Radars, EO and jammers plus a cozy cabin for two or three War fighters to be able to brave excessive heat and or the Frigid climes.


Countering the Hostile Drone Threats is a challenge that requires a little more than our current imagination! We at Jugapro have carefully assimilated a wide variety of SWAP-c solutions and our team has neatly packed those in self sustaining cubicles that can be safely deployed in Indian deserts or somewhere in the frigid climes where the UAVs do have an advantage. The devil is in the detail and thus for each locale, we have a different configuration. Now our fellow vendors from the cUAS tribe will find a neat little corner to plug their modules and play! CB4 is a great field tested, AntiDrone and SIGINT suite with SDRs, Radars and integrated PTZ cameras with secure jammer resistant communication mesh for quick deployment across a wide area.


when it comes to Counter Drone Solutions, it certainly might not be the case!
As the hostile drone threats are becoming all pervasive, the infrastructure to monitor the drone traffic, isolate the rogue ones and mitigate the hostile ones will have to be ominipresent as well. Proudly made in India, with the best in class components sourced from the very best in the world, our Skynerad^2 Counter Drone cum UTM suite comprises of all sorts of sensors and effectors neatly packed in monitoring cabins that can either be perched up the rooftops like CB6 or quick dropped like CB4 or rolled up right into action like #CB2

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