Jugapro: Live Capture Video

Jugapro presents an awe-inspiring live video experience, showcasing the remarkable Drone Hunter in action. Our team captures the power, resilience, and precision of this cutting-edge aerial defender.
Equipped with advanced camera equipment, we bring you immersive visuals and stunning cinematography, highlighting the Drone Hunter’s rain-resistant design and state-of-the-art stabilization systems. Witness its seamless control and agility as it navigates through rain and adverse weather conditions.

SkyDome with TrueView

Introducing SkyDome with TrueView radar: the ultimate aerial surveillance system. Experience unrivaled visibility and accuracy with TrueView radar technology, providing comprehensive coverage and real-time detection. SkyDome ensures unparalleled security and situational awareness in the skies.

Fortem Drone Hunter: Rain-Resistant Guardian of the Skies

Introducing the Drone Hunter, a powerful rain-resistant drone designed to protect and secure the skies even in challenging weather conditions.
With its advanced rain-resistant coating, the Drone Hunter can effortlessly navigate through heavy rainfall without compromising its performance. Raindrops slide off its sleek exterior, allowing it to stay in control and continue its mission.

This illegal drone is mine now... Demonstration site of 'anti-drone' with 90% capture rate

At the end of last year, an anti- drone similar in size to a North Korean drone that invaded our airspace succeeded in demonstrating the system.
A drone using the drone defense system of Fortem Technologies of the US, in which Hanwha Systems and Hanwha Aerospace invested, tested the system from the 2nd to the 8th at the drone flight test center in Hwaseong and the Jangseong General Training Center at the Army Infantry School.

Catching North Korean drones with nets... 'Antidrone' verification success

In December of last year, while small North Korean drones were flying over Seoul, the South Korean military did not respond much, saying that they could harm civilians.
In the future, it is said that North Korean drones will be launched and caught with nets.
Reporter Baek Gil-jong delivers.

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